All in Adventures

Botanical Gardens

This past weekend we went to Madison for a celebration of life for Adam's uncle who unfortunately recently passed away. It was a beautiful ceremony and I was amazed at how many people were there to tell incredible stories of his uncle Jim. He will definitely be missed. It was actually great to see cousins and aunts/uncles on that side of the family who we don't get a chance to see very often! On our way into Madison we stopped at the botanical gardens and if you are ever there in the spring or summertime I think this is a must see! 

Mini weekend hikes

Now that the winter is finally over we are loving getting outside and going on more adventures! We made a short stop this past weekend to Kettle Morraine while on our way to Madison for Easter. 


Well we officially just took our first family vacation to Arizona! Both Adam and I have always loved traveling and have wanted to make it a part of our kids lives too. He was starting his fellowship in Integrative Medicine which is mostly online, but requires a couple of week-long trips out to Tucson, Arizona to learn from the teachers there. Tucson just happens to be where my grandparents live for half of the year so they generously offered for us to stay with them while Adam was in school! We extended our trip for a few days since we were already heading out there and got to do lots of hiking and sightseeing together before Adam's program started. 

Christmas Tree Farm

For the past three years, Adam and I have made a tradition of going to a Christmas tree farm and cutting down our tree. We have loved doing it, and this year we got to bring Ollie for his first time! We all got bundled up, and headed to a cute little tree farm north of our home in Milwaukee. Of course I couldn't resist plopping Ollie in the rows of trees and snapping some pictures! 

Anniversary Weekend

Well, so it isn't actually our wedding anniversary (that was a couple of months ago!)... but this past saturday was the exact date Adam and I first met five years ago! If I'm being totally honest, I had completely forgotten about the day itself, but Adam has a bit of an advantage with it being the same day as his brother's birthday! Regardless, he made the day sooo special and I was so impressed with him.

Pumpkin Patch

You guys, we seriously love weekends around here! I worked in retail before having Ollie and although I seriously loved my job, I forgot how amazing it was to have FULL weekends with the ones you love! Ever since we had Ollie, Adam and I have made it a priority to take one new adventure per week. Although this sometimes proves to be a bit challenging, we are always glad that we made the goal to begin with, and then continue to follow through each week!