Ollie's Nursery

Ollie's Nursery

Ollie's room is FINALLY finished! For a bit of background for you, we bought our first home while we were pregnant with Ollie. We actually closed on the house two weeks before he was born! Adam and I have always done things on a bit of a crazy timeline, and buying our first home was no different. Anyway, we closed on the house and got the keys and I went into FULL nesting mode immediately! Adam and I couldn't agree on a paint color for Ollie's room (probably due to my indecisive pregnancy brain), and after a week and about a million swatches and samples, we finally agreed on this really pale blue. From the time we saw the house, I knew I wanted an accent wall with this adorable animal print wallpaper from Chasing Paper. Their wallpaper is removable peel-and-stick, which is amazing for not damaging the walls. We started hanging it after the room was fully painted, and it was a bit of a challenge due to our old crooked walls and super strange angles (we did not pick the easiest wall for wallpapering- lesson learned!) A couple days later I went into labor and we had wallpaper basically half finished and hanging off the wall!! My family was staying at our house while I was in the hospital and they helped get it a little more put together, but needless to say, with everything that was going on it took us quite a while to get his room finished! I tend to be someone who wants to do a million things at once and I always have all these projects and tabs open in my mind (and home), and I think I need to learn to be a bit more patient with projects like these! Anyway, here are lots of pictures of his room, and sources for where everything is from! His room is inspired by wild animals, nature and adventure. I hope you enjoy! 

Wallpaper: Chasing Paper - Wild thing print in color Gold/cream. DISCOUNT CODE: Use code 'theholtsathome' for 15% off your purchase!

Wall color: Benjamin Moore - Iceburg

Rocking chair: Amazon - the one we have is the Oatmeal weave with Light legs. (if you are looking for a cheaper option but something similar, I am in LOVE with this one! I didn't see this when picking out nursery furniture.)

Pouf: Amazon (these are MUCH cheaper unstuffed, and I have found the best way to stuff them is with lots of newspaper!!)

Rug: Amazon

Animal heads: Bear, Lion, Zebra. All from Target.

Fig tree

Long white wall shelves: IKEA

Short wall shelves: IKEA

Dresser: from a local vintage shop 


Adventure print: custom from my dear friend and incredible illustrator Anneabel Gemmel

Wooden name sign: Etsy - Noteworthy Designs Co. Stain color: Jacobean 

Map above changing table, dowel

Bamboo shades are from Select Blinds

Mom Guilt - On Letting Go

Mom Guilt - On Letting Go

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch