Well...where to begin? First, we're so happy you're here. We hope you find some sort of inspiration, connection, or feeling of happiness or hope here. On August 8th, 2015, the gentleman in the photo below made me the happiest lady in the world, and ever since then I have wanted a place to write about our adventures together. Not too long after getting married (9 months later to be exact....hello honeymoon baby!), I gained my proudest and most favorite title: mama. My passion for this little life of ours only grew from there. Since having Ollie, I have fallen in love with all things related to motherhood, womanhood, finding our true voices in this world and spreading that beauty. I love writing, creating a beautiful space to grow as a family, going on adventures and getting to know our community. But most of all, I hope to raise a good human and spread love wherever possible. We hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

In case you want to know a little more...

The three of us make up The Holts at Home. We're Jen, Adam, and Oliver. Mostly writing on here is me, Jen. I'm from Michigan and I met Adam on a conference for work in Florida. When I met him, I instantly knew (and yes, I was the one to hit on him!). We definitely had some trials and tribulations along the way but I am so thankful that we worked through our rough patches and came out stronger than ever. 

Aside from having my sweet son, this blog is one of the things that I am the most proud of doing so far. I have wanted a place to express myself and to document these sweet, fleeting moments for some time now, and I'm so happy that it's finally here! I feel so blessed to have the endless support of my amazing family, even though we live states away.